Our customers: asset-based LTL carriers and 3PL's

InfusedQuality LLC provides high-quality, cost-effective AS400/System i-platformed business solutions to transportation organizations of all sizes (from 50 to more than 100,000 bills/day). Our products--LTL/400 for LTL, LTL/TL, and expedited carriers (including freight forwarders) and AgiliTrans for mode-neutral/3PL transportation and logistics providers--will support and enhance your best business practices and ideas.  You'll have a stable, reliable, and cost-effective operations and administrative system that will support your customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders through growth, personnel turnover, and changes in the business environment.  Please contact InfusedQuality LLC to discuss your business concerns and issues.

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The shipment inquiry program allows users to drill down into any aspect of a shipment, including rating activity, dispatching, delivery information, OS&D, freight claims (but not approval or payment information), revenue accounting, accounts receivable, and transportation payables. 

The global shipment lookup function, available in most programs requiring a shipment ID (pro) number, enables easy access to shipments using names, addresses, or reference numbers when the shipment ID isn't known.

LTL/400 is designed specifically for asset-based LTL carriers handling of any size (our largest customer handles substantially more than 30,000 shipments/day).

AgilTrans is designed specifically for intermodal marketing and logistics companies where transportation services are purchased and resold to shippers.  It shares LTL/400's revenue accounting.

Our current projects include converting a mainframe system to LTL/400 and deploying a new instance of LTL/400 in a multi-company environment.

Our services include customizing LTL/400 and AgiliTrans core applications; developing data migration and cleanup systems; and providing long-term operational support.